Drive for the longest established taxi company

There is an external regulated process to become a licensed driver. All our vehicles & drivers must be insured, vetted and licensed by Halton Borough Council, who are the controlling body for the trade.

We only use the most reliable drivers. In addition to ensuring potential drivers have been approved, we interview every driver to ensure they are the right fit for us and fit the Halton Taxis mold. We value our clients and our drivers are expected to do their best to make every client feel safe, comfortable and happy with the service they receive. If you believe you have the right attitude and personality to make our clients happy, send your details to


Thinking of becoming a driver?

  • Ever wanted to work for yourself? Becoming a Private Hire or Hackney Owner-Driver gives you the flexibility of working hours to suit your lifestyle, without affecting your earnings.
  • Halton Council are the controlling body regarding taxis, and all drivers must first be vetted and licensed . Before you can start, you must comply with the current legislation and obtain your licence from them. Once they grant you a licence, as a self employed driver you can decide whether to go hackney or private hire and work where, when and with whom you wish. You are your own boss (self employed) and responsible for your own vehicle, insurance and tax affairs. We can give you guidance in these matters.
  • Initially obtaining a licence can look daunting, but if you pick up the paperwork from the Legal Dept, Halton Borough Council (at the Municipal buildings in Kingsway), we can guide you through it.
  • By renting equipment off Halton Taxis you can substantially increase your earnings. When the streets are quiet you have the option of accepting jobs off our system.


Already a driver for another company?

  • Halton Taxis is the longest established and most recognisable taxi company in the area.
  • We provide our drivers with the best equipment available. We care about the job and the drivers and we are always here to help you, unlike other companies.
  • All our vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS Data terminals.
  • Being on a Data System ensures that every driver gets a fair share of the work.
  • Why bother with mickey mouse companies that are ten years behind the times when you can work with the best?


A level playing field for all drivers
You always get your fair share of work because it is impossible for drivers or staff to cheat or “long bonnet”. The Computer gives the jobs out automatically, no persons involved.